The Well of Tears – Announcement

Hello readers! I’m am pleased to announce the release of the final book in my Wardens of the Black Heart trilogy, The Well of Tears, which will be available on 29th January 2020, exclusively on Amazon.

If you missed the cover reveal on Curled up with a good book, you can see what Chelle had to say about it here. Many thanks to Chelle for allowing me to share the cover on her blog.

In the meantime, you can feast your eyes on the cover and read the blurb below.

The Well of Tears - Cover

A tale of cryptic messages, treacherous betrayal and a long-hidden family secret brings a thrilling trilogy to its spellbinding conclusion.

The three talismanic masterpieces created over a century ago by the artist, Abernathy, have caused Lorna and Monkey plenty of problems. But things are looking up for the brave and resourceful teenagers. Having tracked down the painting known as The Truth, they now get to discover what Dylan Fogg is hiding in his cellar. But when Lorna is attacked by an unknown assailant desperate to get his hands on the painting, and with Victoria Halfpenny’s betrayal still fresh in her mind, it becomes clear that simply hanging on to the works of art may be a battle in itself.

Meanwhile, Monkey is battling his own demons. Still in denial over the claims of his estranged uncle, Monkey is about to learn the shocking truth concerning his father – and it may be darker than he feared.

With Charles Gooch out of the picture, the Wardens squabble over their next move. Leader Daniel Turnbull is intent on channelling the power of Abernathy’s masterpieces to plunge the world into a dark and uncertain future. But hidden in the shadows, at least one member of the Wardens’ council doesn’t share his leader’s views and plans a bold move of his own – a move that could jeopardise everything Lorna and Monkey have achieved.

Note that you can click here to pre-order the Kindle version now, but if you are old school and would like a hard copy, just hang fire as there will be a paperback version along before the release date.

The reason for the short delay is that I’m just completing a few minor edits pre-release and naturally, I can’t format the paperback until the final version is locked in.




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