January Update

Monkey Arkwright Full Tour Banner

A couple of quick updates to kick off the new year.

Editing on the final part of my YA mystery trilogy, The Well of Tears, is almost complete. After plenty of read-throughs and going through the text with a fine-tooth comb, I’m ecstatic with the way that it’s turned out. Soon, you’ll be able to find out what happens to Monkey and Lorna and discover whether they can get the better of the dastardly Wardens of the Black Heart. I’ll be sending it out to my trusted reviewers soon, and the book will be available for pre-order on Amazon before the end of next week.

In my last post, I promised a cover reveal. That hasn’t happened yet, and I apologise for the delay, but it will be available soon, closely followed by the upload to Amazon where you will be able to see the cover anyway.

The second bit of news is the upcoming blog tour for Monkey Arkwright. The tour has been organised by Rachel’s Random Resources, comprises a combination of features and reviews, and runs from 10th to the 16th January. You can see the list of sites that are participating on the tour in the image above. I’m excited to see what the bloggers make of my debut novel, and I’ll be posting a round-up when the tour wraps up.

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