Blog Tour – January 2020

MonkeyArkwright - RRR Blog Tour January 2020

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have spotted that this post is titled “Blog Tour”. However, I wanted to kick it off with a short note about progress on book #3, The Well of Tears. I completed the first draft of the manuscript last weekend, which meant that I rattled off the final 10 chapters of the trilogy – that’s 27,000 words – in a mere 19 days! I had planned this sequence of chapters well in advance, and although I changed a few things around near the end, the forward planning allowed me to pretty much write my heart out for nearly 3 weeks, which felt immensely satisfying. Now for 3 months of hard-core editing.

Anyway, onto news of the upcoming blog tour. Much like releasing a new book into the wild, I had a sense of trepidation when I asked Rachel, from Rachel’s Random Resources, to put together a tour for Monkey Arkwright, reasoning that the best marketing for a trilogy is to keep plugging the first part. I’d done a bit of research and read a lot of positive comments on Rachel’s blog tour services, so the trepidation was not so much about the person putting the tour together, but more the fact that there was a minimum number of participants required for the tour to go ahead. It might only be a virtual tour, but much like a band, you need a minimum number of venues – or in this case, host bloggers – to make the tour work. Rachel’s tours require a minimum of 5 bloggers, so once the tour page for Monkey Arkwright went live, I kept the page in my browser and hit refresh every day.

If I remember correctly, the first time I saw the page, it already featured the names of 7 blogs, which meant that I had at least qualified for the tour. This quickly grew to 11, and I can tell you there was a great buzz every 4 or 5 page refreshes when I saw that another blogger or two had joined the tour. I’m delighted to announce that just under a month after the call for bloggers was made, the tour is now full, with all 21 slots filled! You can see a list of the bloggers that will feature Monkey Arkwright, 12 of them providing reviews, the other 9 providing Monkey-related features, here.

The tour will run 10-16 January 2020, which will provide me with some much-needed coverage in the run-up to the release of The Well of Tears, which is pencilled in for February.

Many thanks to Rachel for setting this up, and thanks to all the bloggers who have agreed to take part.


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