Book #3 Underway


As I wrote Black Hearts Rising, the second book in my Wardens of the Black Heart trilogy, I posted regular updates on these pages. It occurs to me that in the excitement of writing the final part, I have neglected to post any updates. First off, I don’t have to refer to it as ‘book #3’ because as anybody who has made it to the end of Black Hearts Rising will know, I’ve already put a promise in the end of that book that Lorna and Monkey will return in The Well of Tears.

What is ‘the Well of Tears’ I hear you cry? Where is it, and what’s it got to do with what’s been happening to Lorna and Monkey so far? Naturally, all will be revealed in the heart-pounding conclusion to this epic tale. Wait a minute, did my publicist write that? No, because I haven’t got one, and if anybody has to make my books sound exciting, then it’ll have to be me!

I’ve been preparing notes for the final book in the trilogy going back to the time I was editing Black Hearts Rising in the final weeks of 2018. The main ideas were already in place before this, but in terms of setting fingers to keyboard, I began writing The Well of Tears in the middle of February. I am pleased with the progress that I am making on the first draft: 10 chapters and 21,000 words so far, which represents about a quarter of the book, maybe a little less.

I’m aiming for a similar timescale to the previous book, with an unbalanced schedule in which I try to reach the 33.% point by Easter. I’ll think about what I’ve written and lazily add the odd chapter here and there over the summer months, so that I’m about 50% done by August. When the Autumn rolls around, I’ll attack the second half with renewed energy, as this is my favourite time of the year to write. I’ll give myself three months for the necessary rewrites, edits and general tightening up, ready for a release in February/March 2020.

So, what’s The Well of Tears about? First of all, you will get a conclusion to THAT cliffhanger ending in Black Hearts Rising. Naturally, this being the final part of a trilogy, the plots that are in motion will be brought to rest in a way that I hope is both entertaining and satisfying for the reader. You’ll find out how things turn out for our heroes and also the Wardens themselves, and it wouldn’t be a Monkey Arkwright story if our titular character didn’t get to do a spot of climbing and urban exploration. I can also promise that plenty of revelations will be spilled, and there will be a desperate race for the finish line.

In the meantime, thanks for reading my blog – an even bigger thank you if you’ve read my books.

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