The Hundred Heroes Column

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Before the release of Black Hearts Rising on Friday, I thought that a short post was in order where I give credit and thanks to various people. For an indie author, the process of editing, publishing and publicising a book is a daunting task. Nobody lives or works in a vacuum (except astronauts), and I am immensely grateful to a lot of people for their help in getting my work out there. So, without further ado, thanks …

To fellow indie author, Ed Ryder, for showing me that self-publishing your own book was (and is) a viable proposition.

To the various members of The Digital Fix Forums for supporting me by providing encouragement and valuable feedback (and buying and reviewing the books!)

To Mr Craig “Tech” White for keeping me amused with his banter and doing his best to help spread the word about my books.

To author Mark Tilbury, for being good enough to buy and review Monkey Arkwright.

To Lorna Holland for inviting me to take part in a Q & A on her blog, The Writing Greyhound.

To Michelle Whitham, for her enthusiasm and much-appreciated review of Monkey Arkwright on her blog, Curled up with a good book.

To the other two bloggers who have agreed to review my book – as the reviews haven’t appeared yet, I won’t mention any names, but you know who you are, so thanks!

To anybody who has bought my books – especially if you’ve reviewed them – your support is much appreciated.

And now the big three …

My eldest daughter, Lauren, and my friend and colleague, Darrin, who both read my books before release, providing valuable feedback on whether the story and characters are working.

Finally, my youngest daughter, Rachel, who puts in countless hours reading the books several times, spotting not only inconsistencies, but also the missing commas, poor grammar and howlers that litter my text before the average reader gets their eyes on it. Without Rachel’s help, my final product would undoubtedly be far poorer than it is.

Thanks for reading my blog, and if you’ve bought Black Hearts Rising, I hope you enjoy the continuing adventures of Lorna and Monkey. I can assure you that any failures will not be through a lack of effort in bringing it to publication.

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