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Black Hearts Rising – pre-order & other news


Black Hearts Rising - Cover

A few bits of news to kick off the new year – the main headline being that Black Hearts Rising is now available on Amazon for pre-order. Release date is 1st February 2019.

Click here to see it on Amazon in all its glory.

Second up, in a bid to encourage the readers of the world to dig into my Wardens of the Black Heart series, I will be offering my short story, The Mysterious Mr Gooch, FREE to download for a couple of days next week (17-18th January).

Finally, late last year, I entered the “Cookie Comedy Short Story Contest” over at Whilst I didn’t win, I’m pleased to say that my entry made the “Honourable Mentions” section, so I’m quite pleased with that. The challenge was to write a 1000-2000 word story that featured the line “That’s not how cookies are made!” You can read my entry, Cookie Dough, on my website here.


2 thoughts on “Black Hearts Rising – pre-order & other news”

  1. right, rob, that’s the order in for a midnight drop on feb 1st – looking forward to it and keen to see where the story takes the protagonists. mind you, if you offer it free at any time, i will of course rant and rave and make all manner of bizarre and ugly threats on the goodreads forum! (note to casual readers of this – i’m kidding!)

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    1. Cheers Craig.
      You don’t have to worry about overpaying here as my policy is FREE 1st book and short story to give people a sample of what my writing/stories is/are like, then they’ll pay for the 2nd and 3rd book!


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