Short Story Release Day


The Mysterious Mr Gooch - Cover

My short story, The Mysterious Mr Gooch, is released on Amazon Kindle today.

If you’ve not read my novel, Monkey Arkwright, this 48-page tale will introduce you to the character of Charles Gooch, whilst lifting the lid on another one of his dastardly missions for the Wardens of the Black Heart. If you have read the novel — thanks — and I hope that this story will help embellish the evolving plot.

As noted in my post last week, this story forms part of the promotional push for book #2 in the Wardens of the Black Heart series. Although I say so myself, I think it’s a really good story, which is why I want to use Amazon’s platform to try to get it to new people. It also celebrates the one-year anniversary of Monkey Arkwright’s release (happy birthday, Monkey!)

With this announcement out of the way, I’m preparing to reveal the title, cover, and blub for book #2 early next week.

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