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The Mysterious Mr Gooch

Right, things are going to get busy around here soon. I’ve been giving regular progress reports on Book #2 for a while, and I’m glad to say that things are progressing nicely on that front. I’ll be doing a cover reveal in early December, but amazingly, that is not going to be my next book available on Amazon!

Just to re-iterate, the cover and blurb below are not for Book #2. Now that’s cleared up, you can feast your eyes on the new cover and blurb for my Wardens of the Black Heart short story, The Mysterious Mr Gooch, and then I’ll talk about why I’ve put it up on Amazon.
The Mysterious Mr Gooch - Cover

A rock band on the verge of stardom. A star-struck young fan. A mysterious interloper.

Ben Patterson is not interested in music, but when his older brother plays him an album by the band, Diablo, what Ben hears will change his life forever. When he discovers that the band are recording their next album at a farmhouse not far from his home, he resolves to meet his heroes.

But fate has a surprise or two in store for Ben and the band. As a violent storm batters the farm, Ben discovers that he’s not the only one seeking shelter.

So, a bit of honesty first. This short story was written as a promotional tool for my debut novel, Monkey Arkwright. I originally offered it as a free download on my website and a some people did take the time to read it, a few providing some positive feedback. Regardless of the intention of the story, I’m really proud of it. Unlike the full-length books, where considerable effort went into pulling the ideas together after which I spent hours chiselling away at the plot, the complete story of The Mysterious Mr Gooch came together in around ten minutes. It took me a month to write and a couple more weeks to edit.

As its title suggests, the story features Charles Gooch, who is the main antagonist in Monkey Arkwright. I wanted the short story to reflect the tone and theme of the full-length novel, and I think that I managed to achieve that. The young protagonist, Ben Patterson, gets to meet the rock band that he idolises, but the day that he spends with them isn’t without consequences. If you’ve read Monkey Arkwright and therefore come across the sinister Charles Gooch, then you may have an idea what is coming. Conversely, if you haven’t read the novel, then the short story acts as an intriguing introduction to Gooch’s murky world.

With Book #2 soon to be released, I decided that offering The Mysterious Mr Gooch on Amazon would give me a chance to reach a wider audience and hopefully secure some more followers for the Wardens of the Black Heart series. It’s available for pre-order now for £0.99 / $0.99 (see links below) and is released on Amazon Kindle on 29th November – exactly one year to the day that Monkey Arkwright made its bow.

The Mysterious Mr Gooch Amazon Kindle links:-

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