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Book #2 – Progress Report – August 2018


Five weeks since the July progress report, and I’m pleased to announce that the sequel to Monkey Arkwright continues to rumble on apace. Despite having a two-week holiday since then, I’ve managed to complete another six chapters, totalling roughly 16,000 words. This brings the total to 24 chapters/66,000 words.

So, as we arrive on the cusp of Autumn – or more commonly known as writing season – I’m in a good position to polish off the first draft well ahead of my original target (end of the year). The six chapters written most recently have yet to be subject to the editorial scrutiny of my editor (youngest daughter, Rachel), but nevertheless, I’m thrilled with my progress. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that there a few issues to smooth over in the second draft stage, but I feel that I’ve really hit the groove with the story on this one. There are plenty of new characters and storylines introduced whilst the central narrative involving Lorna, Monkey and Charles Gooch is advanced by the events unfolding in the chapters written so far.

I’ve got a busy week ahead after which it will be full-steam ahead in completing the eleven chapters to close the second part of the trilogy. Allowing myself time to sharpen the dialogue, tighten the story and fix any nagging issues, I’m optimistic about unleashing book #2 in the first quarter of 2019.

In terms of sales, I have to report that Monkey Arkwright has come to a grinding halt. However, I was heartened when I checked my KindleUnlimited page count yesterday to see that 380 pages had been read! This is almost certainly some brave soul reading the whole lot in one day! So, whoever and wherever you are, a big thank you from Monkey HQ.

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