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2nd FREE Promotion Report


My second free promotion on Amazon is now complete, and I have to say that I’m thrilled with the result: 768 downloads. An added bonus was that two people signed up for the free short story on this website.

When I logged in to check the figures two hours into the promotion, I was alarmed to see that there had been no downloads. However, a fellow forum member over at The Digital Fix added Monkey Arkwright to the HotUKDeals website, and soon the downloads took off.

Regular readers may remember that I did a five-day promotion back in January, and at the end of this promotion, I speculated that five days was probably too long because the returns diminished sharply with each day. The evidence this time around suggests that the first and second days were almost on a par: 401 and 367 respectively. However, I suspect that if I’d continued over a longer period, the download count would have suffered a similar decline, as suggested by various anecdotal reports on the internet.

The other interesting difference between the two promotions was that back in January, I paid just over £30 to two websites to advertise my free book. My latest results bear out my initial feeling that this money wasn’t worth it: 768 downloads with zero spent vs 847 downloads for £30.

In terms of Amazon rankings, on the UK chart for free downloads, I managed to hit #1 in the coming-of-age category. I also went top 50 overall. Results were much better in the US this time around where I managed to reach #520 in the free chart (vs #2626 last time).

If you’ve downloaded Monkey Arkwright as part of this promotion, thanks for showing an interest. Can I ask a favour? If you get around to reading it, please can I request that you leave an honest review on Amazon – it makes all the difference to us indie authors struggling for some recognition. Thanks.

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