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Another Freebie!


Anybody who’s taken the time to read my author bio may have noticed that I’m a Manchester City fan (since 1975 in case you ask, although it’s a long time since I’ve been to a match). Despite the incredible achievements of Pep and his players this season, I haven’t mentioned them in my blog posts so far because (a) you can read much better coverage and analysis elsewhere, and (b) most of you probably aren’t interested.

So let me just say well done to the whole club on winning this season’s Premier League, and I’ll then use this as a tenuous link to the fact that as part of the celebrations, I’m making Monkey Arkwright free to download from Amazon this Friday and Saturday.

Due to Amazon being based in California, the old Pacific Standard Time rule applies, so if you’re in the U.K., this means that it will be free from 8.00AM on Friday morning through to the same time on Sunday.

Feel free to share this joyous announcement with your friends, colleagues, social workers, bloggers and passing acquaintances.

Ta, it’s much appreciated.


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