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Book #2 – Progress Report

Lorna's Diary

I’m still calling it Book #2 because although I have a potential title in mind, I’ve not locked it in as a definite yet.

Anyway, in my last rambling missive, I mentioned that the first chapter was done and dusted and outlined my plan to do all the editing on each chapter as soon as I’d finished it. Well, you know what they say about the best-laid plans. But it’s good news really. I’ve had such a creative burst over the last ten days or so that I’ve managed to write four additional chapters, bringing the grand total to five (see, I’ve even done the maths for you!)

The reason for this partial abandonment of the plan is that my editor extraordinaire, youngest daughter Rachel, has been studying hard for her end-of-term exams and naturally, I didn’t want to disturb her with something as pithy as my writing. Still, driven by cries of “I want to know what happens next, Dad” from eldest daughter Lauren, I thought that it was the right thing to do to plough on, set up base camp and then settle in with a well-deserved mug of coffee and wait for Rachel to catch up.

I did have about 25% of the story planned out in reasonable detail, so this is definitely the easy part. I’ve still got enough in the tank for two or three more chapters, after which I’ll insist that Rachel reads the text in detail so that we can get the first eight chapters locked in. There may then be a short delay in proceedings for holidays and general life as the sun peeks above the treetops and we can venture outside more.

On, and even though I say so myself, the stuff that I’ve written it’s wickedly good – but you knew that, right? Hello? Hello …

In other news, who says advertising doesn’t work? I paid £33 for a recent week-long promotion and got a good number of tweets out of it. Total number of sales during this time: two. I’ll be posting my nomination for businessman of the year next week.


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