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1000+ Page Reads

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Nearly two weeks ago, I wrote a short blog post about my delight in snagging over 100 page reads on Kindle Unlimited. At first, the pessimistic part of me thought that it was probably a single reader, or a handful of readers reading the first chapter and then giving up. But since then, the page reads have been rolling in every day. Last night, it passed the 1100 mark; 1141 to be precise.

This happens to be three whole books, give or take a page. I fully expect that the three readers are now done, and that my page reads will now flatline, but at least that’s going to be worth between 4 and 5 dollars for my next royalty payment.

Given that Monkey Arkwright is priced at the bargain rate of £0.99 / $0.99, the income from the page reads will almost certainly dwarf any sales-related income for this month. This got me thinking; maybe the road to riches looks like an impossibly thick tome that I can convince a few hundred people to read. I’ve got an idea for a story that features a unicycling ice cream man who invents a new flavour of ice cream that he wants to sell around the world – it’s going to be 400,000 pages long and will span a 20-year period. The downside to this foolproof plan is that you might have to wait a while for this one.

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