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What’s the secret to getting people to read my book on Kindle Unlimited? As part of the Amazon KDP sign-up, you can make your book available to millions of members, and once they’ve paid their monthly fee, they are free to read as many books in the programme as they want.

So, given that Monkey Arkwright is available on Kindle Unlimited, why have I only had two page reads in just over two months? Well, if I knew, I’d be putting it right, but it’s a mystery to me. A couple of weeks ago, I sent out a promotional tweet that included the #KindleUnlimited hashtag. Result: no page reads.

Imagine my surprise when I tried the same trick again and got a massive 76 page reads yesterday. Today, I got another 40 page reads. This could be lots of people giving up after the first page – but given how great I’ve told everybody the first page is, that’s not likely is it* – or it could be one or two new readers who are diving straight in.

Either way, I expect that it’s because a fellow indie author, with a much larger Twitter following than me, kindly re-tweeted my post. So, thanks to Taylor Marsh for the assist. I await tomorrow’s page count with bated breath.

*This is my self-deprecating humour in action; I’m not so vain as to think that I hook everybody on page one!

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