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FREE Promotion Report

As the clocked ticked past 12.00AM Pacific Standard Time, my first FREE giveaway for Monkey Arkwright ended. After the glorious figures that I reported in my Day #1 blog post, it was back down to earth with a bump for the remaining days. The figures for each day were as follows:-

  • Day #1 = 542
  • Day #2 = 162
  • Day #3 = 80
  • Day #4 = 42
  • Day #5 = 20
  • Day #6 = 1

Due to time zone differences, the deal ran for the first eight hours today, bagging me 1 final free download. As a bonus, I managed to make one sale as well – some part of me wonders whether some poor soul got caught out in the tail end of the promotion and ending up paying after clicking the free link, but I’m sure that Amazon wouldn’t let that happen. Either way, it’s a sale, and I’m having it!

Overall, I’ve got to be happy with the 847 copies of my book that were downloaded. There’s a general rule-of-thumb that on such a giveaway, you get 1% back in reviews. So, hopefully at least eight reviews should be winging their way towards my Amazon page in the next few months. The fact is that many of the people who downloaded the book will have done so because they can’t resist anything that’s free, let alone my book. Still, I’d like to think that between 5% and 10% of the downloads will result in somebody, somewhere in the world reading Monkey Arkwright. It’s nice to think that maybe forty, fifty or even as many as eighty readers will now be devouring the adventures of Monkey, Lorna and Charles Gooch, but the truth is that nobody knows for sure.

Being honest, I’m not convinced that the two promotions that I paid for (just over £30 in total) made a massive difference. Maybe they kept the download count ticking over on the second and third days, but the fact is that the Day #1 total of over 500 was achieved with zero paid promotion – just the goodwill of those people who championed my book on various social media channels. A heartfelt thanks to those people again.

Whilst the promotion was active, I did achieve some decent rankings on the UK store, including a #1 in the “Coming of Age” category and #22 overall in free Kindle books – see my Day #1 post14.12_Jan18_No1INCOA_BestSellerScreen for details.

In the US, it was nowhere near as good: #2626 overall and #49 in the “Coming of Age” category. At the time of the promotion, I only had two reviews on the US site, whilst I had five on the UK site: it’s possible that this goes some way to explaining the difference. Most people check the reviews and ratings before they download, even for free books

So, overall, an interesting experiment. I think that next time, I may limit any FREE promotion to one or two days, as figures that I’ve seen around the web tend to support my own findings in terms of downloads falling off rapidly after the initial frenzy. Now the wait to see whether I get an increase in sales, reviews or Kindle Unlimited page reads in the wake of my promotion.

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