Indie Author Support

As I’ve found out in recent months, when you’ve finished writing your book and then polished it to death, you can sit back and congratulate yourself on completing half the job. That’s right, because after a quick breather, a cheese and pickle sandwich and a celebratory drink, you have to commence the daunting second half of your journey: the promotion phase.

Whilst full-time authors can kick back in their leather armchairs, instruct their minions to spread word of their new work to the literary world, and wait for the cash to roll in, the indie author has to take matters into their own hands, get ankle deep in the world of shameless self-promotion and generally big up their book like some self-obsessed solo act. (I know that’s not true of hard-working professional authors, but I thought that the image was funny, so apologies if I’ve offended the giants of the book world).

But maybe you don’t have to do everything yourself after all. What I’ve also discovered recently is that the world of indie authors is a generous, caring and very helpful community. They’ll help you get book reviews, they’re always keen to pass on their experience and more often than not, they will do their best to help promote your book.

I’m incredibly grateful to Marianne Reese for her review of Monkey Arkwright, which she has published on her blog, as part of her Shoutout Sunday feature. Marianne is a fellow independent author from California who has written several books, the latest of which, Skylar Moon, is a Young Adult story that details the adventures of elfin twins Aren and Alexa in the world of Vesterra.


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