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End of year report

It seems a little odd, writing an end of year report on a blog that’s been running for less than two months. But it is the end of the year, and to be fair, I have been working on my book for a good portion of that year. Plus, I do have a few things to report.

A few blog posts ago, I set myself the target of selling 200 copies of Monkey Arkwright. One of my additional targets was to get 20 reviews on Amazon. Well, I’m pleased to report that I have reached 10% of my target on both these fronts. Not any old reviews either, but two solid gold 5-star reviews! Okay, before anybody starts guffawing at the incredible naivety of my decision to order the champagne, I realise that a couple of initial reviews on Amazon isn’t the most reliable barometer of where things are headed, but I appreciate them all the same. I’m very grateful that these people bought my book, read it and then had the good grace to write a review. At this stage, reviews are far more important than revenues. But I want the money, of course. I mean, without it, how will I afford my cliff-top villa in Mallorca? But thanks to the generosity of my readers, I can now afford the wire brush that I’ll use to clean the walls of my pool with.

But just to re-iterate, I could do with a few more reviews. Reviews are far more important than cliff-top villas etc.

In other news, I’ve been pinging my book off to a few selected bloggers, because as everybody knows, if you’ve never heard of them, then they are probably just sitting around waiting for somebody like me to save them and send them something decent to read before they go mad at the lack of reading material. Or maybe not. In most cases, you don’t hear back, and in other cases, you get a polite response where you are informed that it would not be practical to make you number 2176 in the “to be read” queue. I’m cool with that; reading a book takes a lot of investment, and there are only so many hours in a day. But every so often, you see a chink of light, a response that raises your spirits. Lorna at The Writing Greyhound has kindly offered me a slot on her blog for a Q & A session. I’m incredibly grateful to Lorna for this opportunity, and I’ll let you know the exact slot nearer the time because it won’t be until February. In the meantime, go and have a read of The Writing Greyhound, there’s lots of interesting stuff on there.

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