100 words to sell my book

I saw the above phrase somewhere on the internet and thought that as I’d just released my debut novel, I should have a go myself. 100 words doesn’t seem long enough, does it? I mean, it’s less than the blurb that I’ve put up on Amazon. Anyway, I’ve interpreted the challenge as 100 words or less, so here’s my attempt to sell you Monkey Arkwright:-

Budding writer Lorna Bryson is still mourning the death of her father when she meets Monkey Arkwright, the boy who loves to climb. She is soon catapulted into Monkey’s world of adventures in the churches, woodlands and abandoned places in their home town of Culverton Beck.

They didn’t plan to find the coin or expect to be drawn into the black-hearted mystery with its roots in some dark deeds that took place more than a century earlier. Will their blossoming friendship be enough to outwit the scheming Charles Gooch and outrun the shadow of Napoleon?

So, what are you waiting for? Monkey Arkwright is available now on Amazon Kindle.

US Link – Monkey Arkwright


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