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Day #1 Sales Figures

Does that title sound a little intimidating? Don’t worry, there’s nothing serious to report here. After nearly two years of crafting my epic, and then preparing for the big launch, the sales figures for my launch day are in!

How exciting, you might think. Is that the sound of a fanfare I can hear rising as flags are unfurled and millions of balloons take to the sky in a display celebratory exuberance? Err, not quite. It’s safe to say that I won’t be purchasing that cliff-top villa in Malibu or heading down to Monte Carlo to reserve my berth in the marina.

I could pop down to Greggs and buy a few sausage rolls with the proceeds though, because, ladies and gentlemen, I posted double-figure sales on the first day that Monkey Arkwright was on sale. That’s right, I managed to persuade TEN people to part with their hard-earned cash in exchange for my book.

Now, I’m not about to get too excited at this point, but let’s look at the positive for a moment:-

  1. I managed to hit double figures.
  2. I’m at #300 in the “Coming of Age” category; #1256 in “Young Adult”; #3435 in “Mystery” and a very creditable #23,056 in Kindle paid books overall. There are over 5 million books available you know!
  3. I have achieved a lifelong dream – I’ve published a novel.

I realise that, unless I get incredibly lucky, this is probably the best sales week that I’ll have. This is the week where the family, friends, colleagues and fellow forum members that I’ve been badgering for the last month or so have dutifully made the purchase. From here on out, the hard graft starts; participating in review groups, pestering bloggers to review my book and considering the paid promotion options available to me; If you’re in London tomorrow lunchtime, look out for the Lancaster bomber, emblazoned with my book cover, blasting out Flight of the Valkyries as it flies low over Trafalgar Square.

Just kidding.

No, the fact is that if this was a 1500m race, in which J.K.Rowling and Philip Pullman were taking the bell, and most of the pack was huffing and puffing to keep pace, I’d be still hopping about on the start line, trying to get my tracksuit off. It’s going to be a long slog, but I’m determined to enjoy it. Just for the record, here are my targets for the next 12 months:-

  1. Sell 200 copies.
  2. Obtain 20 reviews on Amazon.
  3. Have my book reviewed by at least one credible blogger.

If you’ve bought my book, or simply visited my website, then thank you for your support. Please check back here regularly and join me for what I hope will be an entertaining ride.


6 thoughts on “Day #1 Sales Figures”

  1. At least you’ve made the start line.

    I’m still sat on the sofa binge-watching Netflix, binge-eating junk food and binge-drinking Babycham while telling myself that tomorrow is the day I start training for the 1500m before shoving another vol-au-vent down my neck.

    Seriously though, well done. Even the aforementioned J.K. had to start somewhere.

    If you’re ever perilously short of sausage rolls just give me a shout and I’ll buy another copy.

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  2. good stuff, getting the book out there, rob, i’m pleased to be a percentage of your opening day figures (call me mr 10%!). it’s slated as next up (peculiarity of mine, one book at a time – i did break off john higgs’ latest to read ‘the mysterious mr gooch’, which i enjoyed, and has teed up my anticipation for the main event!)

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    1. Nothing wrong with one book at a time; exactly the way I like to read. Glad you enjoyed my short story; unlike “Monkey Arkwright”, where I had to chisel the plot out over a number of months, the entire story came to me in a matter of minutes. Thanks again for your interest, as a new indie autor, I really appreciate (and need) the support. I hope you enjoy “Monkey Arkwright”. Can I ask a favour in advance? Please can you leave a review on Amazon (and Goodreads if possible) when you’ve read it? Thanks.


  3. i surely will, rob, (anonymous above is me) i tend to put same book reviews on both (just because i’m lazy), and will fire one in when i’ve finished book! as for sausage rolls, you’d be better switching to the tasty scotch pie!

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